Tanzania Safari Costs

Tanzania safari costs are varied, depending on the following: (1). The park(s) to be visited. Some parks are far from the starting point (Arusha in this case) an some are not far. (2). The number of days on safari. The number of safari days can be one, two, three, ….. even to more than a month. Your choice (3) The standard and type of accommodation. The type of accommodation may be basic camping tents, permanent canvas camps, seasonal camping  tents, tented lodges and concrete building lodges. The amenities, location, season will determine the cost of accommodation.  The cost of simple camping  tent may be as low as $100per person per night, while top most super luxury lodge
costs $2,000 per person per nigh. (4). Park entry fees, also known as conservation fees. (5) Means of transport. Mostly by Safari Cars, but there may be extra activity like horse ride, boat ride, cycling, flights (airplanes , helicopters, and balloons) and quad bikes. (6) Extras while on safari – cultural visit, walking (trekking), special site visits, local village visits, etc etc. All these will attract additional payment in various amounts.

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