Story: The King Lion of Serengeti has announced a new rule applicable to all animals living in Serengeti Park

“All the animals living in Serengeti should come up with  verifiable justification for  them to continue living within  Serengeti boundaries.” Otherwise, they should seek other parks to stay in, within Tanzania. There are many parks they can run to; any time, day or night. There is Ngorongoro conservation, Tarangire park, Manyara park, Arusha national park, Mkomazi park, Saadan park, Katavi park, Mwalimu Nyerere park,  Gombe park, Mahale park, Rubondo Island park, Mikumi park, Mt Kilimanjaro park, Ruaha park, Rumanyika park, or any other park, Udzungwa park, Burigi Chato, or any other of ones choice. Just to give a hint: “all animals living within my Serengeti Empire  should show something unique to themselves, admirable, unbeatable in this world”, stressed the King. The judgement will be made by King himself, assisted by the Fox, that cunning animal, nick named “kiherehere”. And Kiherehere will be summoning  the animals one after  another to appear before the king for the interview. The message was sent all over the vast plains of Serengeti, acknowledged by all animals without exception. First to appear was the giraffe: ” I know you have heard the condition, now tell me, giraffe, why do you think you should continue staying in Serengeti park?  “Your majesty”, the giraffe started ” as you can see me, I am the tallest animal in this park. And  if you can allow me to mention it, I am the tallest animal in world. This is what I have to say about myself, please allow me stay in this park. The king said “ok, this is a verifiable justification, you are allowed to stay”. The giraffe thanks the king and walked away.

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