The Story: King Lion of Serengeti … continued

Next one! … the King ordered the fox. The fox run quickly to the place where the hyena was sitting, open-mouthed. “Is it my turn”, asked the hyena. “Yes, it is yours”; just  lead the way. When the king saw the hyena, he commanded: “hey, stinky, keep an ample distance from my throne, I mean stop right there”. “So, you want to stay within my Serengeti Kingdom, well you can try your luck. Apart from your foul and noisy mouth,  which of course will  lead you to expulsion, what else have you got that may convince me to permit you to stay. Go ahead and talk”. “Your Majesty, I really want to stay in Serengeti. Mr fox has explained all the conditions to me. The only thing that I want to tell, which I think you will agree with and allow me to stay, is that I have got the most powerful bite of all the animals in your kingdom”.     ‘Really, how? asked the king”. “True, I am the one capable of crushing the big bones of all the dead animals, except as few much larger bones so as  to keep your kingdom clean”. Oh that is interesting! “How do you manage?, asked the King. “The pressure of my canines can generate more than a thousand PSI … no any other animal comes near to that record in your kingdom of Serengeti.’  “What does PSI mean?; asked the lion. “I don’t know, but I heard it from the humans”. “So you eavesdrop to humans eh?; without my permission and knowledge, eh, and yet you do not know the meaning of PSI. Ok, now I know why your shit is mostly white, filled with that compound. Ok, stinky, bone crasher, good job, permission granted, with one condition. You are allowed to laugh, make noise, but make sure the kingdom is free of bones. Go away,  and good luck”. The hyena run away, suppressing laugher.

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