Safari Multiways operates in close relationships with hotel and lodge operators. There are different types of accommodations in towns, outside the parks, and outside the parks. The accommodations range from basic camping tents all the way up to the super upper luxury accommodations.

  1. Basic Camping Tents: used in camping safari ( also known as budget safari). The tens are carried along in/on top of the safari. Together with the tents, other camping equipments are carried. These are mattresses, camping beds, sleeping bags, camping tables, camping chairs, foods supplies, gas stoves, etc. The campsites are supplied with running water, solar lights in the washrooms, seat toilets, a dining area, and an area to fix the tents and prepare the meals. The cook who is carried along fixes the tents and prepares the meals.
  2. Permanent Tented Camps: These are large permanent tents, with amenities more or less like lodges. They are supplied with a private hot showers room/bath, dining tent, and place to relax outside the tent. These camps have canvas roofed tents but some have roofs of cottages/huts thatched with palm leaves/grass …. to give African tradition taste.
  3. Mobile Tented Camps: These are the same as Permanent Tented Camps. The only difference is that the mobile tented camps follow the Great Wildebeest Migration. December-March in Ndutu area (south Serengeti), July – Nov in north Serengeti (Mara river area).
    Luxury and Super Luxury. These can be lodged/hotels made of concrete walls, canvas, some are multistory buildings.

The price depends on amenities provided, the location of the property, and the extras provided.

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