Joining Safaris

These are shared safaris. In most cases, they are budget safaris (camping safaris). It is easier to arrange last-minute camping safaris than lodge/tented safaris.


1. No need for prior accommodation booking. The campsites are never full. In case there is a big number at one camp, we move to the next one, no prior notification is needed.

2. Any number can join, even a single person.

3. The joined group shares a safari car and crater descend fee. The other costs like park entry fees, camp fees are charged per person.

4. In special cases, one party on a lodge safari can share a car with another party on a budget camping safari. In this case, we arrange the lodges/tented camps that are nearby campsites.

5. And if possible, plan two/three days flexibility. It helps in case the day you want to start a safari, no ideal group to join; but next day, yes.

6. In case Safari Multiways has no group that you can join, we arrange with other operators that might have an ideal group to join.

The safari car is shared with other persons. The accommodation may be shared with someone you know (came together), otherwise, every person in a shared car with be given a separate accommodation. The accommodation may be a lodge, tented camp, or simple camping tents. In most cases, the joining safaris are for those doing budget camping safaris. The reason is this: in camping budget safaris, no need for advance booking of any service during the safari. The park entry fee and camping fee can be paid at the last minute. Secondly, if one is a solo traveler, and wants to join a group with the idea of reducing the costs, that intention will not be realized. A single person staying in a single room will have to pay much more.

Our advice is:
      • If you are solo, think about joining a camping (budget) safari
      • If you are two or more, you can join camping (budget) or lodge safari (standard accommodation.).
      • When you plan to join a safari, expect something out of “your ordinary”: some persons may be late to wake up, some might be interested in something that is not yours, etc. But that will turn out to be part of the adventure and understanding. If you want to plan a joining safari, please allow flexibility – a day or two.
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