Low Tourist Season – Enjoy the Offer

The low tourist season is just around the corner. The accommodation prices are lower and park entry fees are also lower in April and Many. These two months will be having rains. No a problem, the whole life in the park is sustained by rains. So, please, take the chance and enjoy the reduced price. Advice: May is better, the rains will most likely be over.

The Story: King Lion of Serengeti … continued

Next came the elephant, led by a shrewd fox. “Ok, Elephant, what have you got to say about your self?” asked the King. Your Majesty, I walked here to beg the permission to stay in Serengeti. I am the largest animal in whole Serengeti. No any other animal is close. And I am the strongest. You can give me any job, I will do it because I am strong. “Ok, ok, I know, said the King”. You are allowed. And make sure you use you strength in a proper way. Do not hurt any other animal unnecessarily. Got it?” ” Yes, your majesty”, replied the elephant. The elephant majestically walked away. “Next,…..

It was hippo’s turn.  The hippo was ushered in by the fox. The King asked, sarcastically, “and you fatso, tell me why you want to stay in Serengeti, I am sure you know the conditions, right?.  The hippo pleaded, “your majesty, I know the conditions, and I have one unique capability that no other animal can do”. The Lion King asked” what is it, tell me?”. I can open my jaws  up to 180 degrees wide. No other  animal can do it. May I show you? The king nodded approvingly. “Ok ok close it, it  is stinking, but, you can stay alright, and move and keep  moving.” The hippo run away happily.Photo

Story: The King Lion of Serengeti has announced a new rule applicable to all animals living in Serengeti Park

“All the animals living in Serengeti should come up with  verifiable justification for  them to continue living within  Serengeti boundaries.” Otherwise, they should seek other parks to stay in, within Tanzania. There are many parks they can run to; any time, day or night. There is Ngorongoro conservation, Tarangire park, Manyara park, Arusha national park, Mkomazi park, Saadan park, Katavi park, Mwalimu Nyerere park,  Gombe park, Mahale park, Rubondo Island park, Mikumi park, Mt Kilimanjaro park, Ruaha park, Rumanyika park, or any other park, Udzungwa park, Burigi Chato, or any other of ones choice. Just to give a hint: “all animals living within my Serengeti Empire  should show something unique to themselves, admirable, unbeatable in this world”, stressed the King. The judgement will be made by King himself, assisted by the Fox, that cunning animal, nick named “kiherehere”. And Kiherehere will be summoning  the animals one after  another to appear before the king for the interview. The message was sent all over the vast plains of Serengeti, acknowledged by all animals without exception. First to appear was the giraffe: ” I know you have heard the condition, now tell me, giraffe, why do you think you should continue staying in Serengeti park?  “Your majesty”, the giraffe started ” as you can see me, I am the tallest animal in this park. And  if you can allow me to mention it, I am the tallest animal in world. This is what I have to say about myself, please allow me stay in this park. The king said “ok, this is a verifiable justification, you are allowed to stay”. The giraffe thanks the king and walked away.

Lake Natron Flamingo Safari

A safari to Lake Natron is unique.  Lake Natron is a breeding place for Flamingos. It is the largest breeding place in the whole of East Africa.The nests are are constructed on the islets located in middle of the shallow lake. The idea is to  keep them safe from egg eaters. Unless by air, the eggs and the young birds are unreachable.   While enjoying the colorful flocks of the flamingos, there is a sight of  a dormant volcanic Mt Oldoinyo Lengai. It take one night to get up there and come down.  It last smoked in 2009. Natron river, oh yes, another attraction. Trekking along the sloppy rocky sides of the gorge all the way to Natron waterfalls, that is another entertainment of its kind.

Balloon flight safari Serengeti Tanzania

A balloon flight will enable you to see the vast plains of Serengeti from above. A view of the wildebeest migration from aloft is very exiting. The migration might be just grazing in south Serengeti (Ndutu area) or on the move towards the north or south, depending on the season and rain patterns at a particular time. Balloon flights are best enjoyable in dry season, when there are no clouds or rains to obscure the visibility. Vast area of the park are seen within a short time. A balloon safari in Serengeti  and Tarangire will show you  some areas where the safari can not drive to. Currently there are three balloon companies. Serengeti Balloon Safaris, Adventure Aloft Balloon Safaris and Miracle Experience Balloon Safaris.

Albino Buffalo in Tarangire National Park

On 20th May 2022, a grown up female albino buffalo was spotted in Tarangire national park, grazing in a herd. A few years back, a gown up male albino buffalo was spotted in the same park. These white buffalo seem to keep their distance from the rest in the herd. Is it self isolation or they are under suspicion and ordered to keep distance from the rest! Please visit Tarangire and give your opinion. You might as well be lucky to see the albino wildebeest in Serengeti.                                                             

wildebeest migration serengeti

Wldebeest migration in Serengeti continues year after year. This year, the pattern of migration is more or less the same. The rains, that translates in green grass for the wildebeest, is the major determinant of the movement. This year, the Serengeti has experienced  less rains than usual. That being the case, the movement from south Serengeti to north Serengeti has started earlier, and, crossing Mara River might be earlier as well.

cheap domestic flights in Tanzania

There is a good number of  domestic flights in Tanzania. Tanzania is a large country. Currently, the  airlines operating within Tanzania are: Air Tanzania, Precision Air, Flightlink, Coastal Travels, Air Excel, Regional Air, and Tropical Air. These operate  airplanes of various passenger capacities, from three seats upwards. These airlines operate schedule flights as well as charter flights. Not all parts of Tanzania are served by schedule flights – some as reached by small charter flights. For instance, Mahale National Park, that island in Lake Tanganyika where  chimpanzees dwell,  is reached by boat and small charter flights.


How to dress on safari in Tanzania

Casual, comfortable clothes are recommended. It is good to travel light.  There are no  extreme temperatures in Tanzania, except at Kilimanjaro Mountain where  the temperature will be around 20C  at the bottom while at the peak it is below 0C with snow. Casual wear advisable, shorts are quite ok. Khaki wear, whether short or long, will be ok for the entire safari.  If you are planning to do a guided trek in the park, walking shoes will be needed. In short, khaki  shorts and long, a cotton shirt preferably in brown colour  with multiple pockets (some routes are quite dusty), will do. Hats, sunglasses, may be needed, individually.  Insect repellents are recommended, especially if you intend to spend sometime outside the ten/lodge to enjoy the night sky.